I GET the opportunity to stand on stages all over the world and share my stories and my passion. I NEVER TAKE IT FOR GRANTED.

It’s one thing to entertain a group of people. It’s another to inspire. I try really hard to be one of those rare speakers who does both.

Since 1989, I've traveled around the country educating audiences that range from housewives and college students to CEOs. I've helped thousands of businesses build their brands and create successful working cultures. Past clients include:

- Southwest Airlines
- McDonald's
- Women Network
- John Paul Mitchell Systems
- Vidal Sassoon
- The Irvine Company
For Rent magazine
- Chalene Johnson’s "Camp Do More"

- Children's Miracle Network Foundation

- Hyatt Hotels & Resorts
- Intercoiffure
- International Beauty Show (IBS)
- Professional Beauty Association
- 4-Time Host of North American Hairstyling Awards
- Premiere Orlando
- Canadian Hairdresser

- California Women's Conference
... and many others!

Why do giants in their industries call on me to train and motivate their people? They say it’s because I'm energetic and passionate about providing concrete tools for making change. They also say my sense of humor and rapport with audiences creates enthusiasm and momentum to help businesses get motivated and focused for success. I’m committed to bringing out the leader in everyone, empowering both employers and employees to create unbeatable teamwork and produce unstoppable motivation. I’m passionate about providing a fun, feel-good experience that improves productivity and increases your bottom line.


Winn’s message is all about treating people with respect and always putting people first. Winn is right on the mark here!
— Ben Novello, Former President
Outback Steakhouse
I have had Winn speak at my large-scale conventions, my smaller venues, and even as a guest on my top-ranked podcast. Regardless of the audience, Winn’s message always resonates and inspires.
— Chalene Johnson, Fitness Guru
Every page of Winn’s book offers value to the reader. They capture the “ways of life” of our Southwest Airlines Family.
— Colleen Barrett, President Emeritus
Southwest Airlines
Winn Claybaugh is a creative speaker, thought provoker, and influencer who clearly understands the process and commitment of goal setting and manifestation. His message brings change wherever he goes.
— Tim Storey, Motivational & Inspirational Speaker





Based on my award-winning book, I'll share ideas and concrete steps to:

  • increase happiness
  • improve relationships
  • make more money
  • design a life filled with bliss and purpose

You’ll leave with an individually designed vision for your own personal and business growth.

How to balance my career And all that other stuff

 You know those nights when your eyes are wide open and your mind is going 100 mph? It may be because you don't have balance in your life. Yes, you're a professional individual, but you're also a physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual being. Happiness comes from the balance between all five.

You'll leave this seminar with a customized vision for your personal and business growth, and you'll learn:

  • What real abundance is all about
  • How to find your passion
  • How to avoid burnout and stay consistently motivated
  • How to work on your “back bone” rather than your “wish bone”
  • How the Law of Attraction can work for you
  • How to divorce yourself from garbage programming
  • How to find mentors and support to keep you on track




The absence of a BE NICE culture will create a mean one by default. How can any workplace become the type of place where clients and staff want to belong? I teach companies how to:

  • build loyalty
  • raise morale
  • implement true leadership
  • improve teamwork
  • increase profits

You’ll leave with a clear understanding of how successful organizations create their cultures and the tools you need to create your own.


  • How does Disney create and maintain a magical culture, year after year?
  • How does Outback Steakhouse establish a consistent environment in 650 locations around the world?
  • How can any workplace become the type of place where clients and staff want to belong?

Your team will leave with a newfound sense of purpose and excitement.


Interested? Let's talk.