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“Winn has written a brilliant book. BE NICE (OR ELSE!) is your fate as a business, whether you’d like it to be or not. It’s the way the world works. Winn’s book is all about what made Outback Steakhouse the success it is today: treating people with respect and always putting people first. We have yet to receive a letter at our home office telling us what great executives we have. They all (and we get a lot of them) speak of what great people we have in our restaurants. Great people demand to be treated well and will grow your business if you are simply nice to them in every situation. ‘Nice’ does not mean you’re weak or a pushover; on the contrary, a big part of it is your strength to show kindness whenever you can. It is being honest when dealing with your people, no matter how difficult it is to do so. Winn is right on the mark here!”

            —   Ben Novello
                    Former President, Outback Steakhouse