Golden Rules for Creating a BE NICE Culture

Because people spend a great amount of their time and energy at work, they long to belong to a company that makes them feel better about themselves and makes them feel that they do more than just earn a paycheck—they want to feel like they have a purpose and make a difference.

The "Golden Rules" code of conduct is who we are together as a team. It's what we all believe in, what we strive for.

1. Always Be on Time

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Spell out for everyone in your company exactly what "being on time" looks like. If customers arrive at 9 a.m., then perhaps a frazzled, rushed employee who also rushes in at 9 a.m. would not be on time.

2. Always Be in a Great Mood (Fake It When Necessary)

A very good friend of mine says he has two reasons for firing an employee from his company: if they steal from him, and if they show up to work in a bad mood. If someone comes to work in a bad mood, he'll fire him or her on the spot. But he'll rehire them five minutes later if they leave and come back in a good mood.

I'd like to propose that on the day we all decided to enter the workforce and take on a job with any company, we gave up the right to ever come to work in a bad mood.

There are days when you leave work and all those things that make you wonderful is drained and empty. But maybe you go home and you don't fill your "reservoir" back up, which means you're now tempted to come into work the next day in a bad mood. What do you do on those days? You fake it. When you walk through those doors, it's show time. And you gave up the right to be in a bad mood.

3. Come to Work Prepared

Coming to work prepared means that you're ready and available to work as effectively as possible—whatever that may look like. Perhaps it means you eat a great breakfast and do yoga before work so your mind is clear and ready to focus. Perhaps it means you lay out your clothes the night before, so your image matches the product you represent. Or maybe you arrive early enough to unclutter your workspace and start the day fresh.

4. Be Informed (Read All Memos and Information)

We used to have a disorder in my company that we called the "But I didn't know" syndrome. People would fall into that pattern often: But I didn't know we had an early staff meeting Tuesday morning. But I didn't know I had to fill out that paperwork. But I didn't know that was the company dress code. Ignorance is not an acceptable defense in your BE NICE culture. Let people know that it's their job to know.

5. Gossip Is Not Allowed

Gossip is a serious cancer in a company. Gossip has many faces, and it can destroy a community. It's a sneaky, clever, subtle, and unnatural side of human nature—and you'll want to proactively recognize when gossip exists and have the courage to do whatever it takes to eliminate it from your company.

6. Hold Each Other Accountable (Use the Twenty-Four-Hour Rule)

Let's face it—you're going to screw up on occasion, and you therefore need a system to keep your BE NICE culture intact.

First, the accountability session must take place within twenty-four hours of the infraction. Second, all infractions are shared privately, behind closed doors. And finally, the intent and motive behind the process of holding each other accountable is that everyone grows and that everyone is accountable for the overall success of the company.

7. Resolve All Personal Challenges with Love

In high school, if we had a problem with someone, we'd tell four other people about it, so that by the time we actually voiced it to the person, we had "ammo" to state our case: I think you're horrible, and they all agree with me!

Anytime you have a grievance with someone, make sure that you keep private both what the person did or said to upset you, and the action you take to resolve it. It's a wonderful practice to praise people publicly, and to reprimand privately.

8. Go to the Decision Maker with Any Apparently Unsolvable Challenges

Why is it that when a person has a problem at work, they tell everyone but the person who could actually do something about it? Why waste your "woe is me" dribble on someone who can do nothing to resolve your challenge? Take your challenge directly to the decision maker.

9. Be Knowledgeable, Literate, and Articulate

I would like to challenge employees, owners, and new hires to be those things by taking responsibility for your education, your knowledge, and your growth, rather than expecting or assuming that the company should provide all the education.

10. Always "Look the Part" of an Impeccable Professional

Whatever your business, you'll want to dress, act, and look the part of the type of business you represent. (Would you trust a dentist who didn't have any teeth?) In fact, you'll want to look the part of the most successful person with your same job.

Bottom line, it's a good idea to dress beyond where you are in life and to look as though you're more successful than you really are.

11. Be Professional Always

The opposite of professional is amateur. Which would you prefer to be dubbed? Every person working for a company has an impact—either positive or negative—on the customer's experience. Every individual should be professional always, because whether you realize it or not, customers are watching and judging.

12. Do Not Get Personally Involved with Clients

All businesses are for profit, so whenever an employee or representative of your company gets personally involved with clients (in a dating situation, for example), you run the risk of messing with continued loyalty from that customer.

13. Personal Lives Remain Personal

Although curious, "inquiring minds" want to know the personal details of co-workers and clients, divulging such information could offend the person and destroy your culture and community. Therefore, personal lives must remain personal. Unless a person wants to share the intimacies of their personal life in order to receive support and advice, it's no one's business to know whether or not so-and-so is divorced, gay, straight, a recovering addict, or any other personal, private detail.

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Winn Claybaugh Launches MASTERS Podcast Club

After more than 20 years of interviews with the most brilliant leaders, artists, and educators in and out of the beauty industry, Winn Claybaugh’s MASTERS Audio Club is now available as MASTERS Podcast Club! And best of all, it’s FREE!

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Winn Interviews Selina Tomasich, Founder of Hair Aid, Inc.

Winn Claybaugh and the Andrew Gomez Dream Foundation (largely funded by the Paul Mitchell Schools’ FUNraising campaign) are strong supporters of several organizations that teach hairdressing skills to people in poverty-stricken communities, giving them the chance to escape from the sex trade and human trafficking that otherwise would be their fate.

This month’s MASTERS interview features Selina Tomasich, founder and CEO of Hair Aid Inc., an Australian-based charity that takes volunteer hairdressers to developing nations, where they teach those living in critical poverty how to cut hair. Interviewed by Winn Claybaugh, Selina shares difficult-to-hear stories of children and families. She shares how truly simple it is to make a difference, and challenges us all to imagine the shift in energy we could create. Hair Aid assists these families with immediate and measurable results, through the help of caring hairdressers.



Winn Interviews Celebrity Men's Groomer Jason Schneidman on MASTERS Audio Club

With his mission of "a haircut can change someone's life," celebrity hairstylist Jason Schneidman uses his "power" (hairdresser for Bruno Mars, Rob Lowe, James Corden, Hugh Jackman, Jonah Hill, and others) to shine a light on the drug-addicted homeless. Interviewed by Winn Claybaugh, this self-proclaimed recovering addict / hairdresser is doing incredible things in his career and in his world of giving back. Learn what drives Jason to help others, how he taught himself to do men's makeup, and how he established his company and brand as The Men's Groomer.

Full interview available February 1, 2019 at

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Winn Claybaugh Featured on Lori Harder's "Earn Your Happy" Podcast


The Secrets to Winning in Business and in Life, with Winn Claybaugh

Lori Harder is a leading expert in the fields of fitness, transformational work, mindfulness, and self-love. A successful entrepreneur who runs two seven-figure businesses, she is also a three-time fitness world champion, cover model, network marketing professional, #1 best-selling author, TEDx speaker, founder of The Bliss Project, and host of the “Earn Your Happy” podcast, which recently featured Winn Claybaugh.

“Winn is such an amazing human, and such a motivational rockstar! His philosophy, ethics, and all around mindset is so high energy and wonderful. You are all in for a total treat today, because Winn shares just how to raise your energy, and determine what you are actually in the business of, PLUS, how to overcome blocks.”
– Lori Harder

"Earn Your Happy" Podcast Creator Lori Harder Joins Winn for January 2019 MASTERS Audio Club

Lori Harder is a leading expert in the fields of fitness, transformational work, mindfulness, and self-love. A successful entrepreneur who runs two seven-figure businesses, she is also a network marketing professional, #1 best-selling author, TEDx speaker, cover model, three-time fitness world champion, podcaster, founder of The Bliss Project, and author of A Tribe Called Bliss. Interviewed by Winn Claybaugh, Lori shares her passion about blazing trails for the underdog, creating a "tribe" to support and sustain your journey, living your bliss, finding personal fulfillment, and the power of being vulnerable.

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American Made Beauty Podcast Features Winn Claybaugh and Bright Pink CEO Katie Theide

Katie Thiede, CEO of Bright Pink

Katie Thiede, CEO of Bright Pink

It’s been 25 years since Radio AMB (American Made Beauty) host Patty Schmucker was diagnosed with breast cancer. In honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Patty welcomed two special guests to her October 2018 program: Katie Thiede, CEO of Bright Pink, and Winn Claybaugh. Together they discussed Bright Pink’s role in the fight against breast and ovarian cancer and how awareness is our first line of defense.

Katie has been a tireless champion for women’s health and has devoted her entire career to such organizations. Winn is an advocate of women’s health who believes that cancer needs to be high on everyone’s awareness list and that giving to organizations like Bright Pink will help assure a healthy and prosperous future for all women. Paul Mitchell and Paul Mitchell Schools have been proud sponsors of Bright Pink in their annual cancer awareness months fundraising campaigns, donating well over $300,000 to date.

Listen in as Patty, Katie, and Winn talk about dealing with a tough diagnosis and the best preventative measures women can take on a daily basis.

Learn more about Bright Pink and their mission as Patty Schmucker interviews CEO Katie Thiede and Winn Claybaugh on American Made Beauty's Radio AMB:

Winn Claybaugh Announced as Keynote Speaker for OPLZA 2018


ONTRAPORT, a leading marketing automation software for small businesses and entrepreneurs,  announced the keynote speakers for its annual marketing summit, ONTRApalooza 2018. In addition to Ontraport Founder and CEO Landon Ray and President Lena Renquist, this year's speakers include Paul Mitchell Schools' Dean and Cofounder Winn Claybaugh and Influence Tree Managing Partner Ryan Foland.

Named by Inc. as one of the "2018 Entrepreneur Conferences You Should Have on Your Radar” and targeted at entrepreneurs, executives, and marketers, the three-day event aims to leave attendees with actionable tips and strategies to scale their businesses.

OPLZA2018 includes over 45 sessions, nightly networking, support from certified consultants, and strategies for jump-starting your business. First-time business builders, seasoned marketing professionals, and established business owners are all encouraged to attend. Prepare to have your perspective shifted and your assumptions challenged at ONTRApalooza 2018.

The event takes place October 3–5, 2018, in Santa Barbara, CA.

Tickets are available at

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Winn Interviews Brain Disorder Specialist, Dr. Daniel Amen, for MASTERS

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When Your Brain Works Right,
You Work Right!

Dr. Daniel Amen is a physician, psychiatrist, researcher, and 10-time New York Times bestselling author. He is the founder of Amen Clinics, which has the world’s largest database of functional brain scans relating to behavior. Sharecare named him the web’s most influential mental health expert and advocate, and the Washington Post called him the most popular psychiatrist in America.

Interviewed by Winn Claybaugh and TV fitness personality Chalene Johnson, Dr. Amen tells why mental health is brain health and offers specific steps for improving our overall happiness, wellness, and longevity.

Now available at MASTERS Audio Club.

Winn Claybaugh Featured on "Beyond the Technique" Podcast

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How to Winn in Salon Business with Industry Extraordinaire, Winn Claybaugh

Released Jul 12, 2018

[July 12, 2018] - If you love getting a dose of tough love while simultaneously being inspired, today’s episode is for you! Winn shares so many secrets to success and also dives into what may be preventing us from living the life we were meant to live. If you want to “winn” at business, join host Kati Whitledge for this inspirational talk!

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Beyond The Technique is your salon advocate. We guide, develop and encourage salon owners and their teams to be successful beyond their time behind the chair through our extremely popular podcast, "Beyond The Technique with Kati Whitledge." Kati's mission is to equip salon owners and their teams with the most innovative business and marketing strategies!