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"Unicorns do exist. Meet Winn Claybaugh. After 25 years in business I can honestly say I've never met anyone like him. I met Winn over 10 years ago and my respect and adoration of this man have only grown. He is kind, grounded, captivating, conscientious, and talented. 

Winn builds leaders by creating a culture of compassionate and passionate people. He is a gifted speaker, a motivator, and the ultimate connector.  He has a knack for attracting heart-centered thought leaders from a variety of industries and backgrounds and fostering relationships and opportunities that celebrate all that is good about humanity. 

I have had Winn speak at my large-scale conventions, my smaller venues, and even as a guest on my top-ranked podcast*. Regardless of the audience, Winn's message always resonates and inspires. 

Trust me when I say it's rare to meet someone with his success, experience, and talent who is humble, selfless, and truly seeks the bests for others. I am honored to call Winn Claybaugh a friend."

Chalene Johnson
       Fitness Guru

* Chalene Johnson / Winn Claybaugh Podcasts: How to Build Your Own Brand //  How Team Building Impacts