"I have had the pleasure of speaking alongside my mentor and hero, Winn Claybaugh, for several years now. It has been mind boggling and deeply inspiring to watch Winn transform his audience right before my very eyes. His passion and love for people directly impact the individuals in the audience who hold onto every word he says as he speaks to their hearts and encourages them to be their better selves.  He creates a safe place, which is evident by the poignant, personal, and sometimes painful stories and questions his audiences share.

Winn is truly a visionary. He can tell what your organization needs to transform and reset its vision to elevate it to a higher place. Through his work, your organization will learn to better connect and communicate with all involved, from the CEO to the founders to employees.

Be Nice (Or Else!)  captures all that is wonderful about its incredible author, Winn. The book is a must read for people of all ages, beginning as soon as you can read. It should never collect dust, written by a man who believes in people and knows how to help everyone bring their best foot forward."

Kathy Buckley
Comedian, Author & Motivational Speaker