Tickets Available for Winn Claybaugh at TEDx LACC

Tickets are now available for Bridges Across, TEDxLACC's June 8, 2018, event featuring Winn Claybaugh Patrice Washington, Kathy Buckley, Patty Schmucker, and many others.

"Bridges Across" speaks to the idea that innovation happens together. When we share ideas, first in our own communities, we build bridges to greater ones and connect with people around the world. Doing so gives us better insight on humanity and leads the way in tackling some of our planet’s most pressing issues.   

With this conference, TEDxLACC hopes to showcase enlightening ideas from some amazing speakers and to inspire fellow community members to build their own figurative bridges to higher learning.

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TEDxLACC - Bridges Across Flyer.png

TEDxLACC is an independently organized TED-like event licensed by the TEDx program. Put on by a team of dedicated volunteers, TEDxLACC upholds TED’s motto “Ideas Worth Spreading”. We work to bring innovators, thinkers, and the curious together, carefully crafting our conferences to feature thought-provoking speakers with stimulating ideas. TEDxLACC is named after the college where the event will take place. Los Angeles City College (LACC) has been helping its community obtain higher education since 1929. We are very excited to partner with LACC to bring this event to life.